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Deputy Master Andrice Buettner in Kennesaw - CKD Martial Arts Of Kennesaw

Deputy Master Andrice Buettner

2nd Degree Black Belt

  • What benefits do you get by training in Choi Kwang Do

Physical health and exercise, mental health (memorization), Opportunity to teach children, Self Defense & Self Confidence. Becoming part of a global family & building lasting friendships.

  • What advice would you give to a beginner? To someone interested in learning CKD?

Have fun learning! Never give up or be too hard on yourself. Continually challenge yourself and strive to do the best of YOUR ability. Do not compare yourself to others - just simple be confident in your learning. Be thankful for everything that is learned, every day that is given to you, and be proud & grateful for your accomplishments. 

  • What interests do you have outside CKD?

Raising two fantastic daughters with my husband, running, exercising, volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, camping, fishing, horseback riding, cooking, dancing - I like it all. 

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