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Tobias Michael Susin in Kennesaw - CKD Martial Arts Of Kennesaw

Tobias Michael Susin

3rd Degree Black Belt

  • What benefits do you get by training in Choi Kwang Do?

Benefits of being a Choi environment: Better Health, Better Focus and Good People to Train with Consistently.

  • What advice would you give to a beginner? To someone interested in learning CKD?

Take your time in your development; remember that practicing Choi (A Martial System) is a changing in your mental, physical and spiritual approach. A person should approach training with a clear understanding that it will take time to get in shape, it will take time to get into a martial artist mindset, take time to develop control and then be able to apply it in a comprehensive state consistently over time. Be Patient. Be Focused. Be committed. The Change is Outstanding! Advice to someone who asks what Choi is: It's a life style choice that takes from science, core elements of a good-natured person and applies them in a format that is a great physical exercise for anyone, a practical approach to self-defense (like to use the terms "core art") with capabilities to be developed in a natural way and it's a great short term/long term goal system.  

  • What interests do you have outside CKD?

Outside interests: I train in a number of ways involving equipment and punching bags I have bought over the years. I attempt to incorporate elements that will impact my training. I deeply enjoy  cooking meals from scratch and learning new ways to prepare food. Play StarCraft 2 and WoW on PC. Practicing Buddhism.

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