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  •  in Kennesaw - CKD Martial Arts Of Kennesaw - 5 ways to Keep your Child motivated to Train!!

    5 ways to Keep your Child motivated to Train!!

    Ways to keep your child motivated to continue their Choi Kwang Do training
    Every student has that moment they just don’t want to get dressed in their uniform and train.
    It’s our responsibility to support our children in their development by impressing on them the importance of commitment to tasks.
    Here is a couple ways that I help my kids get that step in the door to win the day at the school!!
    . Stay and watch a class:
    We know with a busy schedule this is a hard thing to do consistently. When a child looks over at their parent during class and see’s how excited they are that they are working hard it makes a big difference! You don’t have to ....

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  • Importance of the Compounding Effect

    A recent book I read, "The Compounding Effect" by Darren Harvey, addressed the importance of consistency of positive action, be it mental, spiritual or physical, allows a steady growth to occur that benefits the person in a positive way. This can also occur in a negative way, as highlighted in the book too. I thought about this in depth and thru conversations with several people, watched a number of recorded presentations by Mr. Harvey. All this research led me to realize that in my training, here at Kennesaw Choi Kwang Do, that at times I would have a plan, stick to it well and see some great gains in speed, strength and mental aptitude of my techniques. By choosing to at-least have ....

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  •  in Kennesaw - CKD Martial Arts Of Kennesaw - New Blog Concept Outline

    New Blog Concept Outline

    Afternoon Everyone,
    This will be the first of many blogs in the coming months.

    My goalis to produce content relative to training questions that come up here at the school involving our martial art.
    I will take the questions that are brought up from time to time, pick a specific element relative of the subject to discuss, then interview GM Choi involving the subject to produce a relative piece of material for us all to share and discuss in detail with a
    post being placed here in a bi-weekly to monthly time frame based on GM Choi's availability
    GM Choi has expressed to me that he would like to share more material with his students.
    We feel this is a great start ....

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