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Afternoon Everyone,

This will be the first of many blogs in the coming months.

My goal is to produce content relative to training questions that come up here at the school involving our martial art.

I will take the questions that are brought up from time to time, pick a specific element relative of the subject to discuss, then interview GM Choi involving the subject to produce a relative piece of material for us all to share and discuss in detail with a post being placed here in a bi-weekly to monthly time frame based on GM Choi's availability.

GM Choi has expressed to me that he would like to share more material with his students.

We feel this is a great start with the possible expansion of material into video interviews and longer written pieces on a range of martial arts subjects.

I will point out that I have never done anything like this in the past, so understand that I am learning consistently in ways to improve using this format as any Black Belt should when appropriating a new goal.

Pil Seung.

Tobias Susin

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