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A recent book I read, "The Compounding Effect" by Darren Harvey, addressed the importance of consistency of positive action, be it mental, spiritual or physical, allows a steady growth to occur that benefits the person in a positive way. This can also occur in a negative way, as highlighted in the book too.

I thought about this in depth and thru conversations with several people, watched a number of recorded presentations by Mr. Harvey.  All this research led me to realize that in my training, here at Kennesaw Choi Kwang Do, that at times I would have a plan, stick to it well and see some great gains in speed, strength and mental aptitude of my techniques. 

By choosing to at-least have some plan, I was making considerable gains over time and when applied consistently. But non the less, slacking off, finding other activities to do, not focusing on the plan, would naturally halt my growth or hinder it dramatically.

I stress this point to anyone who reads this post, have a plan to your training, focus on the areas that you need to grow, be consistent and apply methods to the realized weaknesses  in craft so that in your training a positive/consistent fashion can be applied so that you can get a compounding effect going in your training and life that will yield great results. 

Remember this point though, be consistent with the plan and the time taken to revise it. It will be hard to be consistent, it will be tough to not take the easy way, but do not let these moments of weakness override what you know in your heart to be important to you.  Drive towards what you have shown, which you believe passionately about, do not stop till you achieve what you strive for in yourself and when you have ascend the goal you set out to attain, look around, find another object, goal, and get to work. 

Pil Seung!!

Mr. Susin


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