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At Choi Kwang Doi Martial Arts, you can take advantage of a comprehensive approach that is perfect for all experience levels.

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes can help you:

  • Enjoy healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Boosted cardiovascular health
  • Unwavering support from our staff and your classmates
  • An efficient path toward your ultimate goals

Take on a total-body approach at CKD Martial Arts in Kennesaw and see how our Adult Martial Arts Classes can help you enjoy real results fast. 

Intense Fitness! Intense Weight Loss! Learn Real Martial Arts In Kennesaw and greater Cobb and Cherokee County!

CKD's Adult Martial Arts programs in Kennesaw bring about long-term health benefits. The nervous system must be trained in a multisensory environment, and in a multiplanar fashion.

Training in CKD Martial Art's non-competitive environment ensures that the multisensory nature of the environment can be safely increased by working with a partner. Because contact is removed, the CKD martial art's system is also more stimulating than most forms of exercise and require greater levels of attention and concentration than training on your own. 

  • Adults (Ages 18+)

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